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ambient experimental music progressive rock jazz psychedelic long songs meshuggah pink floyd periphery dream theater acoustic melodic 8
Dark Ambient, Experimental 4
ambient 4
ambient, experimental 4
Experimental 3
ambient experimental 3
dark ambient, experimental 3
drone 3
experimental 3
Ambient 2
Ambient Experimental 2
Dark Matter 2
ambient experimental processed electric guitar electronica 2
electronic 2
noise, ambient, experimental 2
planet x records 2
soundscape 2
"ambient", "experimental", "ethno", "zura", "bowaqui", "wolfgang raspe", "zura amio zula" 1
"ambient", "experimental", "ethno", "zura", "quapoa", "wolfgang raspe" 1
"post rock", "ambient", "experimental", "music", "rock" 1
"swamps up nostrils", "krakilsk", "drone", "ambient", "soundscape", "dark ambient," "experimental" "electronic" "illbient" 1
Abandonment label 1
Abstract, Ambient, Experimental 1
Ambient / Experimental 1
Ambient Experimental Electronic Leon Lamont 1
Ambient Experimental Leon Lamont 1
Ambient ~ Experimental ~ Spoken Word ~ Contemporary Vocal ~ Cinematic ~ Soundtrack ~ Chamber Orchestra ~ Neo-Classical ~ Classical Contemporary ~Piano Solo ~ Piano 1
Ambient, Experimental 1
Ambient, Experimental, Avant-Garde 1
Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Drone, Glitch, Idm, Downtempo, guitar 1
Ambient, Experimental, Schneeflocke 1
Ambient, Experimental,Fusion,Metal, Space-Rock 1
Ambient,Experimental,Visual 1
Ambient,Experimental,athmospheric,lofi,Blackberry 1
Ambient/Experimental 1
Ambient:Experimental 1
Avant Garde 1
Breaks Ambient Experimental Dr. Kazuma Kim Downtempo Amateur Teens 1
CJ6.5W ambient experimental poetry 1
Cello and/or Violin ~ Electronics & Acoustic 1
Dark 1
Dark Ambient 1
Dark Ambient, Experimental, the living end, amduscias records 1
Dark Ambient, Experimental, turmoil, phencyclidene psychosis, amduscias records 1
Dark Frequencer 1
Dark,Ambient,Experimental 1
Dose,Monkey,Ganja,Bean,live,ambient,experimental,weird,trippy,trance,trancy,electronica,soundscape,surreal,mellow 1
Down Tempo, Ambient, Experimental, Reality Collapsed, Soundtrack to Insanity 1
Down Tempo, Ambient, Experimental, Reality Collapsed, Static Thoughts 1
EMMANUEL ACOSTA RAMIREZ [EARTMX]*Radio*Revolucion Sonora*Musica independiente*creative commons*la voladora radio*Mexico*Dark*Musica oscura*Ambient*Experimental* 1
Electronic Ambient Experimental Noise Industrial 1
Electronic, Improvised, Jazzy, Ambient, Experimental 1
Electronica 1
Electronica, ambient, experimental 1
Industrial 1
K. Cornelius, ambient, experimental, jazz, avant jazz, delay drone, drone, improv, loop music, loop, improvisational music, atmospheric, minimal, visionary art, visionary music 1
Krystian Lubiszewski daze tracker module xm mod fasttracker protracker amiga idm ambient experimental drum and bass electronic music demoscene 1
La golden acapulco, montaña extendida, net label jacobino discos, Santiago de Chile, Dub, experimental dub, electronica, noise, ambient, experimental pop 1
Light Ambient 1
MiMi Records, Ambient, Experimental. Chalana 1986 1
Nature 1
ORE009, MASCARAE, (((o))), Drone, Ambient, Experimental, ORACLE 1
Power:Electronics 1
Psicodelia Ambient Experimental 1
Sea of Storms, inSOMAnic, Dark Ambient, Experimental, amduscias records 1
Signs Of Stagnation 1
Third,Ear,ambient,experimental,trance,electronical,analog 1
Triangular_set_electronica_field recording_ambient_experimental 1
alopha augZF ambient experimental IDM youtube music czino nitrostirumpa 1
amanita muscaria dark ambient experimental electronic 1
ambient / experimental 1
ambient experimental electronic music 1
ambient, dark ambient, experimental, electronic, drone, spoken word, buddhist on fire, jack hertz 1
ambient, experimental electronic, atmospheric, 1
ambient, experimental, drone, soundart, Ars Sonor, The Implicit Order, Auricular Records 1
ambient, experimental, drone, soundart, psychedelic, progressive 1
ambient, experimental, ethno, Wolfgang Raspe, 1
ambient, experimental, guitar, electro, 1
ambient, experimental, improv, electronica, field recordings, Creative Commons, Free Releases, Just not Normal, Zondagmorgen 1
ambient, experimental, improvisational, avant-garde, modern 1
ambient, experimental, iphone, pseudo, gaetano fontanazza, limit cycle records 1
ambient, experimental, live electronic, electronic, soundscape, trance, synth, soundtrack, creepy, eno, toronto, orb 1
ambient, experimental, soundscape, 1
ambient,experimental,industrial,ioump3,emergence 1
ambient,experimental,noise,avantegaurd,cage 1
ambient/experimental 1
antropik-ambient-drone-dark ambient-experimental-noise 1
bass 1
beachwood canyon, los angeles, california, ambient, experimental, noise, drone, improvisational, screaming claws, brian griffith, craig wedren, greyghost, grey ghost, leternebre, avant-garde 1
bfw 1
bfw, i am esper, guitar, drone, ambient, experimental 1
bing, satellites, bfw, recordings, ambient, experimental, shoegaze 1
blocker, not quite, IDM, techno, dark, ambient, experimental 1
brian griffith 1
brief, pseudo-secular, meditations, software music, ambient, experimental 1
brooding atmosphere, dark ambient, experimental, free release, JNN Collective, just not normal, megamix , creative commons 1
buben, emblem, drone, ambient, experimental 1
buddhist on fire 1
cdrx 1
christmas, ambient, experimental 1
craig wedren 1
czino since I dream braindance IDM ambient experimental 1
dark ambient ,experimental 1
dark ambient, ambient, experimental, Belarus, HAZE 1
dark ambient, experimental, abstract 1
dark ambient, experimental, ethereal, darkwave 1
dark ambient, experimental, weird beats 1
dark electronic ambient experimental 1
deep house dark minimal techno tribal jazz house indie idm groovy electronic elecronic dupstep deep techno beats bakermat acid nature groove gaiser weed wave wake up vocals vocal uplifting upbeat uk garage trip-hop trip hop trip trap techhouse tech house electronic ambient experimental electronica glitch chill downtempo techno deep house drone minimal techno electro abstract breakcore glitch hop Ambient industrial Ambient house Dark ambient Drone music Acid techno Detroit techno Dub techno Free tekno Hardtechno Minimal techno Acid trance Dream trance Goa trance Hard trance Ibiza trance Nitzhonot Psychedelic trance Dark psytrance Full on Psybreaks Suomisaundi Progressive trance Tech trance Uplifting trance Vocal trance Chill out Chill Ethnic electronica Psybient New-age music weird dark electro-acoustic found soun abstract sound design organic dsp abstract field recordings chaos instrumental monster electricity vibration netlabel waves vst software daw plugins synth synths effects Ambient Breakbeat Downbeat Electronica Experimental Electro Experimental Techno Funky Breaks Gabba Progressive House gulch guilty guilt glut ditch glide delight agility gauche tight go to gaiety tilt dilute crotchet, curiosity, eccentricity, erraticism, individualism, kink, mannerism, oddity, peculiarity, quiddity, quip, quirk, singularity, tic, trick, twist 1
dorog records, polvos azules, instrumentales, giancarlo samame panesi, electronica, indie rock, pop, avant pop, instrumental, art pop, ambient, experimental, dream pop, lima, peru 1
drone, ambient, experimental, Y4801, EGB, droning earth 1
drone, ambient, experimental, lovecraft, trance, dreamlands 1
drone, dark ambient, experimental, luciftias, buddhist on fire 1
dub chill dark lounge mix vintage oldskool vinyl tech tek psy ambient experimental mnml sandwell regis sumner 1
egb 1
electro ambient experimental acoustic love peace 1
electro ecclectic ambient experimental acoustic love peace 1
electronic ambient experimental space music ulises labaronnie patagonia argentina el bolson ensamble circular 1
electronic minimal ambient experimental 1
electronic, ambient, experimental 1
electronica ambient experimental 1
field recording, soundscape composition, ambient, experimental electronic, sound art, electro-acoustic 1
field recordings 1
greyghost 1
history 1
idm ambient experimental 1
idm dub wonky electronic bassmusic ambient experimental 1
idm,ambient,experimental,techno,composer,belladonna,downtempo 1
improvisational 1
indie 1
industrial ambient experimental 1
industrial ebm noise electronic ambient experimental 1
instrumental 1
jazz*ambient*experimental*music 1
john foley - wondercast - electronic - ambient - experimental - jazz 1
ketsa, bfw, recordings, ambient, experimental, IDM 1
kinsame*remix*music*poetry*electro*old*beat*ambient*experimental*Japan* 1
loops 1
los angeles 1
minimal: ambient: experimental 1
mix, electronic, dark ambient, experimental, tribal 1
netdj, dark ambient, experimental 1
new age 1
noise 1
noise punk new wave ambient harsh noise dark ambient experimental 1
noise, ambient, experimental, industrial, maurizio, bianchi, mokushi, mirakelmusik 1
noise, electronica, ambient, experimental 1
peli 1
peli is dead,indie,synthetizer,synth pop,peli-set,eletronic,synthetizer song,electronic,ambient,experimental 1
petroglyph-music:sp3ct3rs:Ambient:Experimental:Drone 1
poodleplay arkestra 1
rock, drone, ambient, experimental 1
sot45, secrets of the 45, grieg, ambient, experimental, conceptual, plunderphonics 1
sound 1
synth pop 1
synthetizer song 1
the inventors of aircraft, inventors of aircraft, phil tomsett, serein, ambient, experimental, sci-fi, drone 1
theory of colour 1
vladislav, buben, bfw, recordings, ambient, experimental, out of doors 1
voice 1
wasamix, wasamix netlabel, mark walters, savaran, ambient, experimental, 2010, strange landscape 1
weirdomusic 1
wondermachine 1
y4801 1